Last Days in Copenhagen

Writing this post on one of my last nights in Denmark is really bittersweet but it seems fitting to be reflecting on my semester given that we only have a few days left. The semester really flew by and in this last week, I’ve been trying to make the most of the time I have left.

I finally went to Tivoli! After so much anticipation throughout the semester and finding a time for all of my friends and I to go together, we made our way over on our last Friday together. I had an amazing time going on the rides, walking around the park and gardens, and just spending some quality time with my friends, it was an amazing experience.

I also had the chance to make my way up to the Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød. The train ride was close to an hour, about the same as the trip to the Kronborg Castle, which you can read about my trip to here, and once you’re there, it’s about a 20 min walk to the castle, or you can take the bus. The castle itself was really pretty and I learned a lot about the Danish royal family as well. I also walked around the gardens behind the castle, which were so pretty as well. This also made for a really nice solo trip as well, just being able to enjoy the ride and the castle at my own pace.

I had the chance to spend the evening with my visiting host family for the last time this week as well! I have loved being able to talk to and spend time with my host family, especially having daughters around my age meant that they could really show me around Copenhagen and all of their favorite spots (including bars and clubs). Having dinner and catching up with them at the end of the semester was so nice and we just spent hours talking and eating in their backyard before going for a walk around their neighborhood.

Not everyone in my family was able to come visit me in Denmark, but my mom and one of my cousins were able to come which meant that I could do some things again in Denmark for the last time including visiting Nyhavn, going to the top of the Christiansborg Palace, and going to the Royal Danish Library. We also rented bikes one day and I was able to take them all around the city, which was so much fun and we got really lucky with the weather as well! One of the nights, we also went to Reffen for dinner, which is a big street food market along the water. It was closed for a big portion of the semester so I’ve been trying to take advantage of it whenever I can so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take my family there as well.

Along with going to locations again, I have also been going to food places I’ve loved throughout the semester. For one of my friends’ birthdays, we went to one of the first restaurants we ever went to in Copenhagen together for dinner and then we went to one of our favorite local bars. I know there are a ton of shawarma places near DIS, but we’ve stayed true to one and we had to go back for lunch one day. I got an onsdagsnegl from Skt. Peders Bageri and got cardamom buns from Juno the Bakery near our apartment. We also got together to make brunch on our last Sunday together which was so much fun and also so sentimental.

Despite having been in Copenhagen for 4 months, I hadn’t actually bought a lot of Denmark/Copenhagen specific souvenirs, other that what I had picked up along the way so having my family here was the perfect excuse to go souvenir shopping.

As the semester winds down and I’m finishing up papers and projects, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as I can with friends and around Copenhagen. I’ve absolutely loved this semester abroad and I’ve fallen in love with this city and while I am excited to go home, I really don’t want to leave yet. Thanks for reading my blog this whole semester and I hope that I’ve inspired you to take advantage of a semester studying abroad, whether that be in Copenhagen or any other city in the world! Stay tuned for an updated Copenhagen packing list, as promised!

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